19 Safety Ideas To help you stay safe in 2022

A terrified young woman held captive by a man with his hand over her mouth

A wise person gains knowledge from other people’s experiences. But a fool will wait until he is in difficulty before acting. It is no secret that there is insecurity globally, particularly in Nigeria, as kidnapping is becoming the norm.

There have been far too many kidnapping and murder cases around the country in recent years. People are no longer safe, both inside and outside their homes, as anyone might become a victim.

You can, of course, quickly say, “It’s not my portion.” You must understand that no one who has ever been kidnapped or murdered wished for it to happen. It can happen to anyone – even someone close to you – whether or not you pray against it. Hence, it would be foolish for anyone to be caught off guard in such a situation.

In this post, I’ll give a few safety ideas that will help you stay safe in Nigeria.

Let’s get started!

  1. Don’t give out your home address on the internet.

Do not share your home address online unless you have no other choice. Be cautious about how you give out your home address. These folks from the dark side may track your address and use it to determine your worth. And if they find out you’re a suitable bait, you’re done for! Similar to this, you should be careful with sharing details about your children or other members of your household online.

2. Do not go to an unfamiliar location (alone)

Do not go to any location you are unfamiliar with the surrounding routes. And if you really must go, please, do not go alone. If you survive by doing odd jobs in unfamiliar locations, make sure you tell a close relative where you work every day. Similarly, do not, in the name of flexing, follow your friend to strange places, particularly at night. We are now in a period where everybody is a potential suspect.

3. Beware of sales bait

Be wary of online sales that require your presence to complete the transaction. Of course, you must sell your product, but don’t be foolish enough to go to the customer’s preferred location. Rather, you can both agree on a popular meeting point. And when going, make sure you inform someone about your movement, including the details of the person you are going to meet. Avoid posting for sale on the internet, items that are worth billions of Naira.

4. Watch your back as you drive

You must be focused while driving, but you must also use your side and inner mirrors. Through the side mirrors, keep an eye on your back. If you see something unusual, such as a car following you, pull over to a major intersection and let the vehicle pass. Please take down the car’s license plate number if you are able to. Notify your relatives as soon as possible, and then wait for about 5 minutes. After that, continue on your journey while keeping an eye out for new behavior and acting accordingly.


5. Have a security number

Make sure you have the contacts for security team or the police station in your locality. The police force has some specified rapid response numbers you can call in the case of an emergency. You can ask for it or copy online and keep it. When requesting for the contact details, make sure you do it politely, stating your reason(s). You can use the number whenever the need arises – even if you simply have a suspicion of a threat.

6. Watch out for unnecessary car parking

If you find a car parked in your neighborhood without any indication that it is malfunctioning, you should either alert your neighbors or call the authorities. It is better to be safe rather than sorry.

7. Be careful when rendering an assistance to strangers

Be wary of unsolicited help. Kidnappers can come to you as strangers requesting for your help. If you notice any unusual thing, make sure you leave the place immediately. Similarly, always raise an alarm whenever any stranger beckons on you to come. Let your kids know about this too. You must understand why it is important to do this with every courage you can muster. Also, do not visit a stranger without informing any of your immediate family members (at least two people).

8. Job scam

With the level of unemployment in the country, it is easier for job seekers to fall prey to any job bait. Make sure you conduct a background check on the company before attending any job interview.

9. Avoid expressing desperation online

Do not express any form of desperation online. Of truth, we all need money, good health, good jobs, etc. Evil people, on the other hand, can use it to entice you to their den.

10. Think before you act

Don’t be alarmed if you hear a gunshot while out in the open. Instead, remain cool and identify the exact source of the problem before attempting a SMART escape.

11. Do not be greedy

Greediness is one of the fastest ways to become a kidnapping bail. Many people have died as a result of an unsatisfactory desire for more. Be happy with what you have, no matter how small it is. Don’t let your thirst for money and good life put you in a situation where will say “Had I know.”


12. Use social media wisely

Social media is meant for us to connect and make more friends, but you have to be careful. I have seen people that cannot do but post everything about them online – the instant it’s happening. For instance, “I am on my way to Lagos, pray for me”, “We have just passed Mowe/Ibafo, still going”, “How do I look? Does this cloth look good on me?”, etc.

Some people also post pictures of their newly acquired items and properties, like cars, phones, accessories, etc. It might surprise you to know that kidnappers or their agents are also on your friend list. With your posts, they can monitor your movements plus evaluate your worth. As a piece of advise, DO NOT share information about yourself on social media, such as how affluent you are or how much money you recently received.

13. Religious Gathering

When you are sharing testimonies in church, remember not to go into many details, like the amount of money you were given or paid, how much your car costs, etc. The harsh reality is that not all of your accomplishments should be publicized. Some things are meant to be kept as secret.

14. Beware of friends

Your closest friends may want you to succeed, but only your parents want you to succeed more than anyone else. Jealousy and hatred can arise as a result of success.

15. Always take note of co-passengers when boarding a public vehicle

Whenever you are on public transport, try as much as possible not to discuss the issue of money either with anyone or via phone conversation. Do not brag while you are on public transports. In any case, refrain from talking or interfering with other people’s talks. And if you are using a “big phone”, you may try not to bring it out even if it’s ringing. Make sure you study the body language of everyone in the car/bus. Look for any loophole that may give you a warning signal. Be smart!

16. Lifts

Lift can be dangerous. Avoid accepting lifts from strangers, most especially at night This point is clear. You should spend a little more and be alive than becoming a victim of evils.

A terrified young woman held captive by a man with his hand over her mouth

17. Strange calls

If you receive a strange phone call, be sure you are familiar with the person before making any statement. If possible, anytime you receive a phone call, allow the caller to speak first before you utter any word.

18. Dating sites

When using hook-up sites, be cautious about revealing your contact details. Behind the sexy chic you saw online vying for your attention, it might just be a kidnapper in disguise.

19. Be alert

lways pay attention to your thoughts and body language; it can come in handy at times! Avoid boosting your financial life in public because you do not know the next man.


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