Corn is a popular street food in Nigeria loved by millions of people, even globally. Its season is usually around May till the end of the rainy season, August/September. This period comes with an abundance of local barbecue shacks by the roadside.

Corn or mail can either be roasted or boiled for eating. While corn itself can be healthy and rich in essential minerals like Vitamin B, Vitamin K, Zinc, Fibre, and magnesium iron, individuals still have to be careful on how they buy and consume corn – especially those who are fond of patronizing roadside sellers.

In this article, I am going to take you through a few reasons why you may want to decide not to purchase from most roadside sellers.

Corn roasted Directly on Charcoal.

Some corn sellers don’t care about proper hygiene. They roast their corn directly on charcoal and fire rather than put it on top of an iron filter. The corn will inhale excess smoke, which is unhealthy. People who eat this kind of corn are liable to infections, so ensure that you do not buy from any seller that does this.

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Dirty corn seller

Why must you buy from just anyone you see selling roasted or cooked corn by the roadside? This shouldn’t be. Some sellers are very dirty. Many times I have seen corn sellers using the fingers they have used to pick their noses to turn corn on the charcoal. Some will clean their baby’s poo and still use the same hand to pick corn.

Before you buy a food as delicate as corn from anyone, please look around them plus the environment where they sell their items.  Buying roasted corn from poor hygiene roadside vendors leaves you vulnerable to a ripple effect of corn, as stated above.

Other buyers often rubbed most corns displays.

This is very common. A buyer just like you who wanted to buy corn might have rubbed some in the name of looking for a “soft one.” Eventually, they may not buy or even buy one. What about others they have pressed or touched?

The corn seller doesn’t know where they are coming from and how clean their hand is. Besides, it might sound insulting for the seller to ask how clean their hands are or tell them not to touch the corn. Other buyers are left at the mercy of buying what they see. If at all you will patronize a roadside corn seller, have a steady one that is disciplined.

Do you know of any reason(s) not to consume roadside corn this time of year? We’d be glad to hear from you.

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