No one should have to live in a world where they’re made to feel bad about their bodies by other people. Of course, you cannot control what other people say about you and your appearance, but you can avert the spiteful loop of body shaming.

So what should you do? How Do You deal with Body Shaming?

  1. Stop body shaming yourself and Be Grateful for Your Body: Instead of running after what’s missing, be thankful for what you have right now and the body that keeps you alive daily. No one, including the celebrities, have a flawless body, so don’t be deceived. You have to appreciate yourself before anyone else can.
  2. Get help from a therapist: While some people can overcome body shame on their own, others need to work with a professional therapist specializing in body image issues. If you’re having trouble dealing with body shaming, it’s crucial to seek professional help before it harms your mental health.
  3. Take Control Of Your Social Media Platforms: Social media is just another world on your palm and contains loads of things. Social media can be deceptive, so don’t be moved by all you see that glitters. If any body-shaming comments on social media are causing you a lot of stress, make sure you take control of it. Be yourself and never allow yourself to be intimidated.

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Here are some other ideas you can also implement.

• Stay true to who you are
• Never change your appearance due to what someone said or thinks
• If you are body shamed because of your weight, consider healthy ways to manage your physical health with the help of an expert for guidance
• Speak with friends and loved ones for emotional support
• And lastly, you must stay strong!

Final thought
DON'T CRY BECAUSE YOU'RE BODY-SHAMED; HERE IS WHAT TO DOIf you have experienced body shaming firsthand, remember that you are not alone, and you are in control of how you respond. Identify why you are upset about your situation. Find what you like about your body – something physical or non-physical that makes you the real “YOU.” You are one of a kind!

Have you been body-shamed, or do you think something is missing here? We’d be glad to hear from you.

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