Are you living your best life or the one You Happen to Have?

There is a life meant for everyone. A life filled with all the goodness you want for yourself (and others). A life that makes your dream come true – your best life. You are responsible for your life as an adult. However, many people are not living their best life. They live lives of quiet worry and desperation as they believe they do not deserve or cannot get anything better than they presently have.

Some may have many things to be thankful for even though they are not living their best life. Their lives may look good from the outside, but not quite where they should be. The question is if you are truly living your best life, or you are simply settling for something less than you deserve?

Living your best life involves:
i. being surrounded by people who love and support you.
ii. You feel good about yourself and your days are filled with activities that bring you joy.
iii. You have a career or job that excites you and make you fulfilled.
iv. You feel like what you do matters to the world.
v. You see the lives that you touch and the difference that you make.
vi. You have all your financial needs met.
vii. Every day of your life is filled with joy.
viii. Overall, you are happy and healthy. That is your best life!

I knew what it’s like not to live your best life; what it is like to feel like your life is a sentence to be carried out. I used to wake up each day thinking what was to come and wishing I could stay in bed. I had a lot of amazing things going on in my life, yet I was unhappy.

But not anymore!

Life is not meant to be miserable. You can change your life if I can change mine. Nothing but you stands in the way of living your ideal life. You already have all you require to live your best life.


Fear is one of the many factors that contribute to stagnation in one’s life. It can paralyze you, thus preventing you from moving from your present position. This is not a fear of failing; Rather, it’s a fear of succeeding. You may have been struggling for so long in your life that the very thought of your life not being a struggle is a strange concept. As a result, you end up sabotaging your life, which prevents you from succeeding and thus solidifying the thought that life is a struggle. Unfortunately, you are not alone in this category.

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Living your best life means doing the things that connect with your mind and heart. It means learning to say no to the things you no longer desire and saying a resounding yes to the things that you so desire. Living your best life entails being true to yourself. That is the part of you that was vibrant as a child, but as you become an adult and begin facing adult responsibilities, you lose that part of you.

Are you sad, unsatisfied, or dissatisfied with your life? That’s because your true self is buried beneath self-doubt, judgments, low self-esteem, and a lack of confidence. I have carefully outlined a few steps below towards living your best life:

Take responsibility for your life. Nobody, whether the government, your employer, or any other external force will hand your best life to you. They are not in charge of providing you with the best life possible. The only one who chooses what your life becomes is you.You need not think about controlling others or even yourself. Rather, you must learn to manage your life. That is to say, you should not put your growth and advancement on hold while you wait for others to make a decision that may or may not have an impact on your life.

Understand that you are the ultimate power in your life. You are an incredibly powerful creator, and you create your life daily. Whether you create your best life your not is up to you. The life you’re living today was created by the beliefs that you held months and years ago. If you want something different then start believing that you can have something different – and you absolutely can.

Self-care should be your number one. You might belong to the school of thought that you have to place the needs of others before yours. If you fail to take care of yourself, you might not be around for long to cater to others. I always start each day by taking care of my mental needs through meditation and prayer. It makes my mind develop a state of heightened awareness and a sense of gratitude. It also reminds me of others and better prepares me to care for them. So start doing loving things for yourself. Developing deep self-love for yourself will help you to do more loving things to and for yourself. This will also help you make the decision to start living your best life right now.

Give to others. Live every day by being compassionate to others, and life will show you compassion in return. Find a cause that you care about and see how it may help others. Listening to what others have to say. Listening to the needs of others. At times, the little acts of kindness will create positive and lasting relationships in the lives of others. The more you give out the more life gives back to you.

Be resilient. Even if you make the best plans and think the most positive thoughts, you can’t always avoid the unexpected. When this happens, you must learn to cultivate the correct mindset and resilience in order to overcome the challenge and move on with your life. I meant resilience as the ability to bounce back swiftly from adversity or change. That way, the unexpected will no longer be an obstacle but a detour to something better. Even if there are no outward signs that things will work out, you will learn to anticipate.

Make peace with your past. I think that you have the potential to transform your life for the better, regardless of your background. You have the final say on your life and where it is going. Only when you’ve established and start living in your present can you develop a powerful future.

Become Powerful internally. There will be moments when your life appears to be stagnant. You must, however, be willing to go through the procedure. Surrender to a greater power when you are unable to handle the weight of your path, and you will be able to continue on your journey. Stop handing away your power by expecting others to make life changes for you. Acquire the ability to bring out the best in oneself.

Rise to your full potential. When you’re dealing with the day-to-day demands of dull routines and other people’s priorities, it can be difficult to live up to your entire potential. However, there are a few things you can start doing right now to set yourself on the path to living your greatest life.

Follow your dreams. This is by far the most crucial piece of advice for living your best life! What piques your interest? What brings a grin to your face? Rather of waiting for it to happen to you, make it happen today. Register for a class. Restart the painting process. Prepare food for your loved ones. Whatever your passion is, follow it and pay attention to the people and chances that come your way.

Cultivate your strengths.We are all born with innate strengths and talents. Focus on your abilities and what comes naturally to you rather than what you don’t perform well. This attitude of “going with the flow” will make your experiences much richer and easier. Focus on your positives and don’t hesitate and ask for help when it comes to things that don’t come as naturally.

It is not only for others that the good life exists. It can be yours too, but you first need to have a desire for that life. Whenever you are going through a difficult time in your life just remind yourself that this too shall pass!

I believe in you…
I believe that starting today, as you begin to apply these suggestions to your life you will start to choose to create a brand-new life for yourself.

What do you hope to accomplish in life? Make a decision and work hard to achieve it. Be that person you have always desired to be.

Final thought
There will never be a right time to live your best life since you can never be one hundred percent sure of what will happen on any given day. Life is too short for you to spend another second of it unhappy. Regardless of the frustrations or disappointments, the day brings, you can learn to embrace life, manage any setback, and live each day to the fullest. Don’t wait for tomorrow to begin living your best life. You can’t live it tomorrow if you are yet to start living it today.

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