My Freelancing Services

What I Write

I can write everything that can form a part of your marketing, as well as many other assets for use in other parts of your business communications. This is not an overclaim and not based on ignorance of what each task really involves. It’s simply the result of having been a professional copywriter for so many years! If you’d like to talk over how to leverage the greatest benefit from any particular medium, give me a call or use the form on this page. My number is 08130693423.


Website content
I write content for sites of all kinds, and relating to any subject. I will deal with volumes from a single page up to many hundreds of pages. All of my web content writing is carried out in line with SEO best practice.

Landing Pages & Online Sales Letters
I write landing pages and online sales letters. These are pages designed to land the traffic from your email marketing campaign or PPC advertising campaign and elicit a specific response such as a sale, a call or submission of an email address.

E-com Catalogue Product Meta-Data
I write good-quality, selling product descriptions for sites whose owners wish to invest in well-written descriptions as a differentiator. I do not write bulk product descriptions for lowest-quote-wins-project assignments.

Website Video content
I write, and can oversee the shooting and editing of video web content for use on your site. This most commonly takes the form of talking head videos or short, animated explainer videos, but may also involve live-action filming either in the studio or on location.

SEO Content

Onsite SEO content
I write web content optimised on-page for search engine appeal, using keyterms researched and selected by your SEO company, by you if you are able to do this properly yourself, or by me. The work involves best-practice authoring of content, headings and invisible, but important, components of the page headers.

Offsite SEO content
I write high-quality content for supply to external websites to create backlinking. (I remain in line with Google’s most recently released suggestions and pointers, and will not write content clearly intended to spam or deceive search engines.) Please note that I don’t write low cost ‘bulk articles’.

Online Marketing

Online Advertising
I think out and write online advertising material of all kinds. This includes PPC and Social Media Ad campaigns. I am an ex ad agency writer.

Web Video scripts
I write (and can oversee the shooting and editing of) video web content for use on your site. This may be talking head videos or short, animated explainer videos, or may involve more ambitious live-action filming.

Press Releases
I write press releases for distribution via online channels such as, or your own lists.

Social media

LinkedIn, Facebook Page and other profile setup
I can write and configure Social Media profiles on all major sites for you, including setting up brand graphics.

Blog posts, Social Media posts and Tweets
I write blog posts for businesses with a genuine commitment to supporting the development of their blog for the long term, and for whom the blog will form a central role in their content strategy. I develop social media content strategy and can both write posts and oversee production of the visual content for companies for whom social media engagement is a properly supported requirement. I do not tweet for anyone other than myself.

Social Media Advertising
I plan, write and can also prepare campaign creative. I can do this offline or live in the platform back end.

Email Marketing

E-mail Newsletters and Bulletins
I write corporate brochures of all kinds, ranging from short mini-brochures, to larger documents running to many pages.

E-mail mailshots
I write strong, selling-focused email shots to achieve specific sales goals as part of a properly targeted email campaign. I can also help you plan the messaging and structure of your campaign.