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Npower Adds Payroll To Beneficiary’s Dashboard


Todays Npower latest news -We will explain what the new Payroll means on your Npower NASIMS dashboard. 

The news now is that  Npower Management has enabled ‘Pay roll’ to Npower batch C 2021  NASIMS profile dashboard.  Some of the Npower batch C beneficiaries who are fully enrolled as beneficiaries and have seen “PASS” on their NASIMS profile dashboard has been wondering what the payroll menu on their dashboard means, so we have decided to create this post to keep you informed. 

What Npower Payroll Means on your Nasims Dashboard? 

Npower payroll

Npower payroll shows the record of the amount of stipends the beneficiary has been paid. Though beneficiaries and applicants dashboard may show payroll menu, only the beneficiaries will end up getting paid.

Earlier we reported that if youare told to Repeat Physical Verification Process, you should endeavor to do So

As an Npower beneficiary, if your profile status shows *pass*, then you are a confirmed Npower beneficiary qualified for payment. But if your profile is still showing *pending* then you might have an issue with your physical verification which might withhold your stipends.


The payroll in your profile shows that the management of Npower are now updating your dashboard for payment as they have earlier mentioned in their latest update regarding payment. 

Nasims Portal – What Payroll means on Your Nasims Dashboard  We will keep you updated.  

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