Want to start a business after Covid-19? You will need this!

Are you looking to start a business post-covid? Any new business looking to debut soon will need a digital-first strategy. As you plan your strategy, keep the following in mind: 

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• Make a good digital brand identity a top priority.

According to David Greenberg, consumers trust the information they acquire from reputable businesses online, SVP of marketing at Act-On Software. To that aim, he suggests that businesses develop a content-rich, cross-channel brand identity that anticipates prospects’ inquiries and desires.

Greenberg told CO—, “If a brand’s online identity is non-existent or inconsistent, its audience will rapidly move to a competitor who communicates more successfully.”

“Because you’re unlikely to meet your customer in person, you’ll need to find alternative techniques to figure out what they’re thinking and what motivates them. To make informed decisions throughout the client lifecycle, you must manage and activate your digital data.”

• Concentrate on SEO best practices.

I’m sure you would want to stand out when starting a business. Standing out in search results has always been vital for modern businesses. Still, it’s even more important now since nearly all of your existing competitors are selling partially or entirely online.

Focusing on a good SEO strategy that attracts your target consumer is the best way to do this. FBS Fortified & Ballistic Security managing partner and founder David Vranicar remarked, “Having excellent SEO in place is a magnet that pulls [customers] to us.”

“People who reach us by searching for specific keywords don’t need to be sold. They’re eager to buy, and it doesn’t matter if the transaction takes place online.”

• Use technology to customize online experiences

Retail sales have been trending away from personal in-store services and toward internet recommendations since the birth of e-commerce. The digital “feedback loop” between supplier and client has become even more vital in the post-COVID environment.

“To remain adaptable in the future, [brick-and-mortar] businesses should be able to recreate any of their contacts through online channels,” said JoAnn Martin, VP of marketing at Searchspring. “For example, personalized merchandising technology allows customers to suggest recommendations based on their actions or how they explore the website. Nailing this component will be crucial for [online] businesses who wish to preserve a human relationship with their clients.”

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Prepare a communication strategy far in advance of your launch. 

Existing brands have had enough trouble communicating at this period. When it comes to developing brand awareness from the bottom up, effective communication will determine whether or not you “stick” in the minds of your target audience.

“New sales methods are more centered on remote engagements,” said Jack Wang, CEO of Amazing Beauty Hair. “Don’t skimp on communication.” “Apply every platform you have access to. You’ll need to regularly remind your clients of your existence, but don’t be too invasive.”

To genuinely stand out, Wang also suggested developing a plethora of innovative marketing and sales literature.

“To design presentation materials, make the most of every tool at your disposal, [including] visual forms,” he advised. “Here, the sky is the limit.”

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